Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling Lucky Lately!

I hadn't been entering very many sweepstakes and contests for a while, but I recently have started up when I can. I stopped, not because I wasn't winning stuff, but because I was spending too much time on it. Now, when I can, I enter a few (or a few dozen) depending on the amount of time I have. For the most part, I have only been entering blog contests. I choose them because they are easy to enter, and the chances are higher. If there are a lot of entries (posts) I don't bother to enter unless I really want the prize. And, the other difference is I don't enter unless it is something I could really use.

WOW! I just finished assembling this post. Prior to January, my last Win email was in September. Since January, I have won more than a dozen prizes! Over $500 + a prize worth over $1500! That puts my 3 month total at over $2000!

Since January, I have won:

A $15 iTumes gift card (ARV $15) from A Frugal Mind
A summer tote bag (ARV $17) from Simply Bags (via Twitter)
Jillian Michaels Ultimatum for Wii (ARV $40) from (via Twitter)

84 Ritter Sport Mini Chocolate bars (ARV $60) from Sweet Deals 4 Moms

4 tubes of Palmer's Cocoa Lip Butters (ARV $12) from ChocolateBytes

Romantic assortment (ARV $80) from MommyMandy
Prima Princessa Swan Lake DVD (ARV $20) from MuseReviews

An assortment of gifts from Christian Mom Business Resource
A bunch of coupons from Honoring the King
Takeout Menu Organizer (ARV $20) from What's That Buzz?

Tiny Tongs (ARV $8) from Simple (plus host sent me her set too!)

Backseat Drawing Jr (ARV $25)) from Life with 5 Monkies

Journal Buddies for Boys (ARV $17) from Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

$35 Jiffy Lube GC + $100 coupon book (ARV $35) from Happy Healthy Families

My biggest win (ever) was A queen size Serene mattress from NaturaWorld (ARV $1650)

For promoting various contests on my blog, I also won:
NLT Life Application Bible (ARV $50)

$50 Lands End gift card (ARV $50)
Case of Cottonelle Toilet Paper (ARV $20)


Anonymous said...

cool blog,期待更新........................................

Jina said...

Wow that's an impressive list of winnings! Glad you won my iTunes Gift Card Giveaway:)