Thursday, January 19, 2006

I guess it's time to post again :)

I really want to try posting on a semi-regular basis. So here goes....

Munchie is getting big fast! He started crawling just before he turned 6 months, and now (almost 8 months) he is not only pulling to stand, but he's furntiure walking as well! Where did my baby go? He loves to laugh and play and he is anxious to catch up with big Bubba and big Sissy!

Crunchy (2 1/2) is becoming quite the pretty little princess. She has no interest in potty training. :( Except that she will sit long enough to collect a few "nim en ems" (M&M's). Her vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. She LOVES to sing, and she has knack for learning lyrics. Her current favorite show is Little Einsteins. Dora is a close second.

Chewie (8) is doing very well in second grade. He loves to read. He is getting very good at his Star Wars Lego game on the game cube. Chewie is active in cub scouts, and will be starting baseball soon.

I'll post some pictures....

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The Dean Family said...

I think though that you guys do make a nice looking family!