Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Facts of my Prayer Life

Last weekend, I went to a One Life Conference with Lisa Welchel. It was a lot of fun---a girl's weekend out complete with bunco and a chocolate fountain!

I remember Lisa (aka Blair) from the Facts of Life, and I've seen some of her materials (including Creative Correction). I've also looked at the Busy Mom's Prayer Journal. I got both of these books at the conference. (The prayer journal, my friend bought for me, and I got the correction book for asking a question!!)

I am so excited. Over the next few days (or longer) I'll post ideas that I try---and whether they work or not!!

I have always had trouble with praying consistently. I'm excited about Lisa's book.

You can find out about the prayer journal on this page:
Scroll down to
June 21, 2004 and September 24, 2004

I took the topics Lisa used (Praise, self, husband, children, personal touches & reaching beyond), but added 5 topics of my own: Family (listed each family group); Friends; Hannah's Prayer Ministries (specifics like Board of directors, Primary, Infertility, pregnancy loss, etc); Friends from Hannah's Prayer; and Ministries (both local and nationwide).

I listed my topics in the journal (there are 5 extra pages each day). But I also made a "cheat sheat" for each day. On a 3 x 5 card, I listed each topic. I did not list the category (listed in parentheis for you). Here's a look at Day 1:

Holiness (praise)
Wisdom (self)
Priorities (husband)
Future spouse (children)
Gerry & Rebecca Chavez, Senior Pastors (Personal touches)
Mom (family)
Jeni & Paul C (Friends)
Board of Directors (HP)
Jenni Saake, founder (HP friends)
MOPs (Ministries)

Today is day three. I put the cards in an ziplock bag with my current day on top. As I drive through my day (I make home visits for work) I pray about the next item on the list. Some prayers are long. Some are short. I've prayed more these three days, than I have in a long time!

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