Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Working from home?

I've decided to try a few home based businesses---hey they were free to join!!---what can I lose?

The first one I joined is called Wrap it Right ( The product line includes gift wraps and accessories. Think similar to Current.

Next, I found Stuff A Friend ( This is perfect because my kids have been begging me to take them to one of those places where you stuff your own bear. This is a nice selection and with my discount, I see a lot of new stuffed toys in my future!!

Then I found Blessed Toys ( The main product for this new company is action figure dolls based on Bible characters. Several months ago, I heard about them on KLOVE radio. Each doll says a number of scripture verses. Characters include: David, Esther, Jesus and Moses.

Who knows where I'll go with all of these, but the journey will be fun!! Want to join me?

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