Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday

Yesterday was quite an adventure! My husband was (hopefully!) on the mend after a 5+ day migraine and 2 days of intensive (prescription) drug therapy. My MIL was sick, so FIL and I (both NOT cooks) had prepared Thanksgiving dinner with directions from MIL.

After that, I needed to get out. I didn't make it to the early bird sales. Heck, I didn't wake up until 10: 08 am. (But, in my defense, I was awake from 2 am to 6 am with the 2 year old!)

So, armed with cash (okay----gold dollar coins "borrowed" from the Disneyland bank) and my three angels (almost 10, 4 and 2). Oh did I mention that after 80 degree weather on Monday, we were looking at snow on Thanksgiving and following?!?! We live in the desert! So we bundle up and head out. My throbbing head just intensifies with the cold blast.

We headed to store number one. I decided to grab some food for energy (especially since I had nothing to eat this morning.) Everybody else thought the same thing. Our "quick" stop for a snack took about 20 minutes (for a pretzel and chicken tenders!)

The store was crowded (although I'm sure it was worse at opening time 6 hours earlier.)

After making our selections, we head out to the car and buckle up. As we are leaving the parking lot, 4 year old cries out, "Potty!" Since this is a recently mastered skill, I know not to mess around. No time to park and get everyone out again, so we head to the gas station across the street. We made it just in time.

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