Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 6 Update

Yesterday was my 6th day of hiding God's word in my heart---specifically words about avoiding anger.

So far, things are going pretty well. I've had some times I've had to stop and remind myself the verses before I went on. Last night, on the way home from the store, I was contemplating this post. Things had been going pretty well. Then I got home. :0 The big kids (10 and 4) were supposed to pick up the toys in the Crunchy and Munchie's room. (I didn't ask for it to be completely "clean", I just didn't want anybody--especially me!--tripping on the way. I left about 7:30 with Munchie (2). We spent about 30 minutes shopping, and then we drove around for about 20 minutes so he would fall asleep. He did. I called before I got home, and John said they had only been in the bath 15 minutes. (Wow! They must have really cleaned up well if they waited that long to get in!!) I walked in---with a sleeping 2 year old---and got to the room. Not only was the floor not picked up, but there was a huge mess---especially right in front of the door. I called for help once, but John couldn't hear me. So I plodded my way---praying I would trip and fall on my baby.

Then I calmly (after reminding myself not to "take full vent" of my anger, and the benefit of a "gentle answer") walked in and asked John why they waited so long to get in the bath if they weren't doing what I asked. I hadn't told John that they were supposed to be cleaning. He said they came in and asked for a bath at 8.

I walked into the bathroom and asked, "Chewie, why are you in the bathtub?" He told me Daddy said he could. They were playing and suddenly remembered they were supposed to get in the bath. "What were you supposed to do before the bath?" It took a few minutes before he realized what he had done.

I didn't yell. I did express my displeasure, but I believe it was in a calm way that honored God. I was still upset for a while, but I calmed down faster than usual.

I am continuing to hide more words in my heart.

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Allison said...

Good for you! I would have been angry. I'm proud of you!