Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Biggest Loser: Grace Edition

On Sunday, there was a note in the bulletin. Our church is hosting a Biggest Loser Contest. I'm not really sure if there will be prizes for the winner, or if the idea is for us all to be winners as we "Get in Shape in '08". I signed up---and weighed in Pastor's office. We will be having potlucks once a month with an emphasis on a certain type of healthy food (appetizer, entre' etc.) I'm looking forward to it. And the timing couldn't be better! I'll be starting with my trainer soon (maybe even next week if she's ready!).

I'm so ready to get rid of this extra baggage!

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Georgetta said...

Healthy potlucks! What a great idea! Our church does NOTHING without fattening food, and I don't think that's fair!