Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tomorrow is the day!

I meet with my personal trainer tomorrow evening. I got a head start on my eating habits over the past two days. No Pepsi! (My biggest vice) and lots of water. I stocked up on healthy(er) snacks. Albertson's had Quaker products on sale for a good price. I got a bunch of breakfast and snack items. I'm terrible about skipping breakfast. These are fast and easy, so no excuses. I'm not sure how good they are for me, but they are whole grain, and at up to 220 calories, they are better than a fast food breakfast! I did splurge on one thing tonight. Since the two new Starbucks opened up in town my hubby's been frequenting them. Tonight, I decided to join him and had a (non coffee) double chocolate frappuchino. Tomorrow I'll be better!

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Killlashandra said...

Glad to hear no pepsi. You know I heard somewhere on the news one night that you can gain an extra 14 pounds a year just from drinking regular pop? I'm not sure the quantity it would take because that I don't remember but it seems making it a treat like dessert rather than a staple of everyday survival might be good for the waistline. ;)