Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bob the Builder Birthday Party

Saturday, we are having Aidan's 3rd birthday party.

John made the invitations,
The cover: Can we party? (with a picture of Bob)
Inside cover: Yes we can! (large red letters)
Text inside:
Foreman Aidan is turning three
Which means there's lots of work, you'll see
Come to the Donahue Construction Site
(xxx Carver is right)
On Saturday, the 31st of May
Come dressed to work and to play
Your shift starts at 11 and lasts until two
Bring your parents. They'll be be working too!
Please call Julie to order lunch
xxx-xxxx (Thanks a bunch)

When they arrive, each child will receive a bright orange work aprons from Home Depot and a time card to keep track of their activities.

When the "Lunch" whistle goes off, the kids will each receive a sack lunch with a peanut butter sandwich, some chips, a fruit snack, and a juice box.

The cake will be a load of dirt. Well, a dump truck layered with brownies, pudding and crushed chocolate sandwich cookies.

Gifts will be stacked in Papaw's brand new wheel barrel.

I'll be decorating with "CAUTION" tape and orange cones.

Pin the Tool on Bob
(John printed a 4 foot tall Bob. It is 40 sheets of paper that I have to tape together.)
I printed some tools (blown up clip art) on card stock and cut it out.

Bob's Rock Toss
We took old socks and put beans and macaroni in them and rolled them. We'll toss the "rocks" into a dump truck.

Dirt Pile Play
What kid doesn't like a good dirt pile?

Scoop's Bucket Game
Teams will race to fill a bucket with dirt---using only spoons.

Foreman Says
Think "Simon says"

If I can get what I need:
House Painting
We'll paint a refrigerator box. (or I'll give them brushes and buckets of water and let them paint the cinderblock fence.)

Hammer and Nails
Pound "nails" (tees) into styrofoam.

Amazingly, this is going to be a very inexpensive party. And probably the funnest one we've planned! :) I'll post pictures.


Jessie said...

Sounds like fun Julie!

Killlashandra said...

Great party theme and idea! My little boy has decided on monster trucks for his birthday this year. Hope everyone has a good time in the construction zone!

Allison said...

Sounds awesome - wish we were closer!