Saturday, September 27, 2008

Star Wars House Party

I was selected to host a Star Wars: The Clone Wars Preview HouseParty. First of all, if you have not visited HouseParty yet, you have got to check it out! A House Party™ is a thousand parties on one day, in homes nationwide, with an exclusive brand experience at the center of the action. . They send you free stuff to share with your friends!

Speaking of free stuff! We received a box full of cool stuff! There was one hard plastic Clone mask, 10 full color thick paper masks (with names and descriptions on the back); 10 double sided posters; 10 light sticks, 10 balloons, 10 sheets of stickers, and 10 sheets of temporary tattoos. We also got a reusuable shopping tote bag with a Yoda design. And, a spring loaded light saber from Hasbro.

The party was from 5-7 pm. We had 13 Jedi Knights (ages 7-12) and 7 Jedi apprentices (5 and under). We began with a lightsaber battle in the back yard. As the guests arrived, they joined the lightsaber fracass. Each of the kids brought a snack (mostly chips and cookies) and I fixed hot dogs. Most of the kids were too busy playing to eat.

Even the 2 month old baby came prepared with a light saber!

At 6 we came inside. Before entering the "theater" we disarmed all the warriors. Besides not wanting any injuries, we didn't want to take any chances with the TV.

I was a bit worried about having the dozen tweenage boys (and one girl) plus their various younger siblings piled into my living room to watch the show. But they did great! Some of the "Apprentices" didn't stay in front of the TV. (Some, in fact, chose to go back outside to the swing!) But the boys are serious Star Wars fans. I don't think any of them moved until it was over!

And then the were ready to return to the fight!

A great time was had by all. And the boys are even more excited about the new series!

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Retta said...

We've already set the DVR to record every episode of the new series. We took our boys to see the movie in the theater last month and they loved it (of course)

I'm a little bummed out about the time slot, 9pm is late for my kids they're generally in bed by then even on a weekend :-(