Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sore Losers

I'm all for game play, but I have found this season of The Biggest Loser to be disturbing. The point of the show is to change lives. Most seasons, the thought of winning $250,000 is only an added bonus to the life they have reclaimed. Yes, everyone would like the money. But everyone feels like a winner because of the new way of living. This time, two women have just ruined the show. Even Bob, the trainer, commented about how mean and maniacal Vicky has been. Even when there have been rivalries, I've never seen anybody cheer when someone fell, or make rude comments about someone in front of the whole cast. It is just bad sportsmanship. I wonder if Vicky is feeling any regrets as she watches these episodes at home with her kids while she waits for the finale? How about Brady as he trained own his own?

For those of you who haven't been following the show.... Let me see if I can summarize the season. First, Bob started off with all the married couples, and Julian had the parent/child teams. Two couples made an alliance early on: Heba/Ed and Vicky/Brady. One week, early on, Amy flat out lied to someone about an alliance. She voted against someone she promised to protect. For some reason, they decided they didn't like Phil (or by default his wife Amy.) When Heba won a challenge, she got to make any changes she wanted to the teams. Even though Phil's size would have good for the team, Heba traded Phil for the other Amy. This broke up two families. That week the evil twins (Vicky and Heba) voted off Amy--admittedly to mess with Phil. Last week they were thrilled when Phil was voted off. Okay, we are caught up to last night.

Last night all the returning players came back, including Heba's hubby Ed. Last year when they did this, the guy and girl with the highest percent of weight loss got to come back. This year the rules changed. The winner of a challenge got to stay. (Too bad! Phil and Amy were on the top with better than 20% weight loss!)

After this announcement, Vicky lost all sense of discretion, and let her true colors out. Vicky said, "Any one. As long as it isn't the person on the top of the list." Back at the ranch kitchen, Phil confronted the evil twins. He wasn't complaining about his feelings being hurt, but about his wife being hurt. They acted like he was totally out of line. The other who had just returned were so confused. They were so excited about coming back to the ranch, but the homecoming was so tense.

So...the challenge. The 7 returning players had to step up and down on an aerobic step 1000 times. Heba pretty much ordered Ed to just do it. Phil was keeping up pretty well, but then he slipped. Vicky actually cheered when he fell! Stacey (eliminated week one) caught up and stayed on his tail. She was only 17 behind Ed when he won. Ed looked like he was going to die. I think he only kept up because he was afraid of Heba if he lost!

The blue team (the evil twins and spouses and Amy--not Phil's Amy) just knew with 5 votes they were safe. Even if one of them fell below the line, they would have enough votes.

Ed was safe because of winning the challenge. I was hoping Vicky and Heba would fall short. That vote would have been interesting! But, alas, Michelle and Brady fell short. I was glad it wasn't Amy because I knew the evil twins would not have her back. They would protect her only as long as it served their purposes. Brady had the lowest percent loss (by quite a margin) so the only hope was for Amy to cut her ties to the blue team. If she voted with the black team, the score would be tied. And Brady would go home. Amy had the last vote. I rarely talk to TV characters, but I begged her to vote for Brady. I cheered and screamed when she picked Brady.

I'm really hoping this knocks Vicky down a couple of pegs. It looks like next week is going to be rough on Amy. I hope she loses a lot so she is safe.

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