Monday, December 15, 2008


I am sitting in the bleachers of a middle school gymnasium waiting for Chewie's first orchestra recital. There are about 40 5th graders and about 25 middle schoolers. Students had to arrive at 6 15. By 6 30 the bleachers were almost full. Now, at 6 45, it is standing room only. The bleachers were obviously made for tweenagers and not overweight middle aged moms! The crowds are still coming. Would I be a bad mom if I said I hope it is a short concert?


Mom said...

School sports are never geared to the comfort of parents...

My son hasn't been involved in sports in years.

My girls - they still have a couple of years before they can get involved.

I still have 2 years or so to avoid the discomfort of little league bleachers...

Melissa said...

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Odannysgirl said...

Ha! I love those little mini bleachers, knees to your chest and you still can't help but knock over the person sitting in front of you :)

I love your blog and am happy to give it a smile award! You can pick it up over on my blog and read more about it.

Merry Christmas!