Friday, February 20, 2009

Crazy Busy Week!

Life has been unusually crazy busy this week. We started with a holiday, so that always makes the week crazy. My kids actually had a 4 day weekend. Crunchy was sick all weekend. She was home all week. (I'm dragging her out of bed today!) Chewie was out sick Wednesday, and Munchie missed school Wednesday and Thursday. (He has Fridays off). But the kids weren't content just to share the germs among themselves. 3 of the 4 adults in the house are sick too. I don't have time to be sick. Maybe next week. But, alas, I've been through an entire box of tissue. (Shout out to Puffs Plus!)

Back to work Tuesday morning (Payday!) started with a hitch. Something was wrong with the check printer and all 300 or so checks had to signed by hand--by two different people! So checks were 2 1/2 hours late. That messed with my whole schedule. And while we were waiting for checks, they told my boss her services were no longer needed. I've been with my company 4 1/2 years. I am now 2 steps closer to the top than I was when I started. But I haven't had a promotion. When the two people above me left (one by choice) they just didn't fill the position. I think this will be a good move, but it's going to be some adjustments. I've had a full schedule all week (with, unfortunately lots of no shows).

Today, I have Leadership Roswell. We are meeting at the New Mexico Military Institute and talking about education. Class is over at 5. I'm supposed to be at the church at 5 to help serve the Children's worker appreciation dinner. (Including my son who is a "purple shirt"---a kid who helps out in kid's church). Tomorrow we have a leadership training at church. Sunday morning I'm meeting with potential members of the women's ministry leadership team.

It would be a busy week on its own. But throw in 3 sick kids. (While I was typing, Chewing and Crunchy came in to say they felt awful. I guess no school for them today either.) And a sick Daddy who is at home with the kids. And a sick Mommy who has to go to work. And a sick Mamaw.


Colleen said...

Hope everyone is feeling better and you can relax of the weekend!

Joy said...

I found you... Thanks for the herding efforts yesterday. Thank goodness you are quick on your toes while bring up the rear end... lol...Maybe over the weekend you all can recoop. We will be praying for ya'll. Oh by the way you left the awesomely done purse/bag over here. I will try to get it to you. Talk to you soon.