Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy birthday Daddy

Daddy would have been 72 today. He was a wonderful example of a godly man. He contracted polio in high school, and Iwas not supposed to walk again. He spent a year in a rehab hospital, and I've heard he got into trouble racing down the halls on his crutches! Daddy married my Mom in 1956 and headed to Texas for college. He taught school for about 40 years and pastored a church for almost 30. (Yes, most of those were concurrent!). Daddy lived to serve. I wish I had a picture of him in his kilt to show you. But I've included two. One is him playing his beloved mandolin. The other is walking his "baby girl" (that's me!) down the aisle 22 years ago.

Happy birthday Daddy. I love you. I miss you.


Irene said...

(( HUGS ))!

Chris said...

Hi Julie!

What a great tribute to your daddy!

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Thanks for your comment & well wishes! Chris