Monday, February 02, 2009

santa Fe

Wow! What a day! I have learned so much in Santa Fe. I learned, for example, that New Mexico is the only remaining citizen legislature. Our senators and representatives are not salaried. They get a $145 per diem during the 60 days of the session (as well as any special sessions.) They are paid for one trip to Santa Fe and one trip home. And, if they don't show receipts for the entire amount, they have to pay taxes on it!

We met with several of the senators and representatives from south east New Mexico. Even though we are a heavily democratric ruled state (more than 2 to 1 majority in both houses) almost all of our legislators are conservative replublican Christians. But Albuequerque and Santa Fe have more people. There is currently a bill that will be up to pave the way for gay marriages. Right now they are calling for "domestic partnerships". It has been tabled for now but it could come back any time.

More later. I am about to crash.

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