Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coyote County Loser

Tonight we went to see John's big screen debut. He was an extra in Coyote County Loser which was filmed here in Roswell. We tried to see it last Friday but it was sold out. The pictures aren't the best but one is of John in front of the (lighted) movie poster. The other two are of the (scrolling) credits where his name appeared. I will add links and such.

If you get a chance to see the movie John is wearing a white shirt with burgundy diamonds. He is in the scene (near the end of the movie) where the winner of the contest is announced. There are a few face shots in the crowd. He has a full gray beard.

Can losers find love? Southwest desert radio station K-RAP is struggling to pay the bills when radio jock Jack Proctor (Beau Clark) zooms through Coyote County on his way to LA to take the gig of a lifetime. But the deal stalls, so Jack temps on-air work for K-RAP. Dr. Lauren Hartford (Nikki Boyer), local on-air relationship expert, gets under Jack’s skin by questioning his love advice — so Jack initiates a high stakes contest to find Coyote County’s biggest loser and help him woo the county’s most unattainable woman. Before this battle-of-the-sexes is over, Jack and Lauren will learn love is for losers after all.

Here's the trailer:

John standing in front of the lighted movie poster. You can't see anything except the lights. (Oops!)

Two shots of the credits where his name appears.  Of course, the credits were scrolling :)

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