Sunday, June 28, 2009

100 Days 'til 40

My 40th birthday is getting closer. 100 days to be exact. And I have some big things planned for my 40th birthday. I've already started lining up some sponsors for a
Some of the sponsors are RUVAcards, PakNaks, The GoodCheer Company, and Bra Barrette.
Watch for more sponsor announcements. And if you would like to become a sponsor, just drop me a line at juliesweeps at

I'll be creating a button to share on blogs soon. Be sure to follow my blog to hear about all the details!


Joan said...

Sounds like fun, can't wait!

The Mother said...

How do you have the patience to do this? I collect the coupons, but rarely remember to use them. And I don't rearrange my shopping to use coupons for stuff that I wouldn't ordinarily buy. I just don't have the patience/time/energy.

But I certainly admire those who do.

You could shop for me? C'mon, it'd be fun.