Sunday, July 12, 2009

BowHausNYC portable water bowl

Do you have a pampered pooch? If so, BOWHAUSNYC is for you (and FiFi!) . Manhattan fashion designer Ruby Chan couldn't find fashionable accessories for her pug Mao. Fortunately, she knew what to do. Taking the Bauhaus design movement as her inspiration, she created BOWHAUSNYC to create luxury dog accessories with great modern design, highest-quality materials and the best workmanship that are both beautiful and functional. I think she achieved her goal! What do you think?

Pet Carriers:
Pet Beds:
Collapsible water bowls:
I had the chance to try out the Wristlet Water Bowl. When I first opened the package I thought it was a coin purse. It folds almost completely flat and zips up to remain thin. But unzipped, it is a HUGE water bowl. To give you a perspective of the size, I photographed it with my keys (2 car keys, 3 door keys, and a padlock key with one key fob).

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