Monday, July 13, 2009

I am: Possibilities Review

One of my favorite songs to sing to my kids is
I am a promise, I am a possibility, I am a promise with a capital "P"
I am a great big bundle of potentiality
And I am learning to hear God's voice, and I am trying to make the right choices
I'm a promise to be, anything God wants me to be
(Except I change it from "I" to "You" because I want them to know that they are a promise!)

So I was thrilled when I received a puzzle piece from with the word "Possibilities" on it. (Here it is on my keyring.)

It is such a simple concept: affirm people (and pets!) while reminding them that they are a part of the puzzle. Our lives are all interconnected.
The pendants are made of peweter and are available on necklaces, braclets and rings. You can also buy the pendants loose. There are more than 40 words available, but my favorites are: Blessed, Authentic, and Unstoppable.

Want to win one? Keep watching!
The Good Cheer Company is one of the sponsors of my 40th Birthday Bash!

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Chickenista said...

I love that what a wonderful gift idea♥