Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Remembering the dead

Question: how should people be remembered when they die? Just the good? Just the bad? Only the last thing they did? Read on...

You may have noticed that I haven't devoted any blog space to the recent streak of celebrity deaths: Farrah Fawcett; Michael Jackson; Billy Mays; Karl Malden; and a quarterback (sorry I don't follow football.)

Yes, it is sad that they died. But every one of us are going to die someday. The fact that they are famous doesn't, in my book, warrant the excessive coverage. There have been so many "breaking news" stories regarding Michael Jackson: the biological parents of his kids; the fate of his estate; who gained the most from his death; what did he say to Andre Crouch; etc. I am sorry. That is not "news" to me. The memorial today is filling the airwaves. They were even interviewing the people who take care of Bubbles (the chimp), and they reported that someone offered to fly Bubbles out for the service.

You may be wondering why I am watching the coverage. If it bothers me so much why don't I turn it off? Because I am a captive audience. While waiting to see my doctor (see previous post about my blood sugar) they had the TV on to the morning news show. It is quiet now. I am blogging in the exam room

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