Monday, July 27, 2009

An Unexpected Compliment

Last week I had to take all three kids to the dentist. Fortunately it wasn't as tramatic as previous visits. They put all three of them in a row of cubicles. John was at one end with Munchie. I was on the other end with Crunchy. Chewie was in the middle.

After Crunchy's cleaning, the dentist came in. He said, "You have the Mommy with the pretty voice." I have always loved to sing, but I have never had the voice to sing solos (which was my greatest desire.) Maybe with some training I could do well, but I have never had the opportunity.

So, what was Dr. K talking about? Last month when Munchie had his filling he was very scared. While waiting for novacaine to take effect, I leaned over his chair and sang several songs: "You are a promise"; "You're something special"; and "Light of the world". I finished my last song after the dentist returned.

So, finally, I was appreciated by someone besides my kids.

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Becki said... very sweet of the dentist to say so - and how very sweet of you to sing to your baby :)