Saturday, August 22, 2009

Right on the Walls Review

Apologies for the dark pictures. I used my phone, and it was dark under the bunk bed!

I had the opportunity to try out Right on the Walls vinyl wall art lettering decals. Right on the Walls is sponsoring a giveaway for my 40th Birthday Bash.

It took less than 10 minutes (just like they said!) And that was with the help of my 4 year old and my 11 year old!)

One of the trains tore a little bit when I wwas removing the backing (I rushed it a bit) but you can't tell once it was on the wall.

I misplaced my smoothing tool, so I used a credit card and it worked well. My best advice is to take it slowly.

My kids love the way it looks. (Crunchy asked what she and Chewie were going to get by their beds! There are so many great one to choose from! I love the Scripture ones. And the selection of kids saying is great! I could see my entire house decorated this way!

Remember to check back during the HUGE 40th Birthday Bash to win a gift certificate to Right on the Walls.

Remove the backing and place on the wall.
After rubbing the top piece, slowly remove the paper. (If it doesn't stick to the wall, top sheet down and rub again.)

All done (big view)

All done! (Close up!)

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