Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Story: Introduction

Several months ago I told you about The Jesus Storybook Bible from Zondervan. Each chapter shows how the Bible is a continous journey and a seamless story.

A few months ago our pastors announced that we were going to be participating in a 32 week campaign called The Story. And guess what the kids will be reading? Yep The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Today is the kickoff. For the next year we will take our whole famiily through the whole Bible as we look at one seamless Story. Our preschooler will learn the same things each week that our 1st and 6th graders will be doing. Our Sunday morning sermon and our small groups will focus on the same topics.

We will have access to a lot of different media including family devotions. We can even listen to The Story being read aloud. Check it out at

Today we talked about how we live our lower story: the regular routines of everyday life. But at the same time there is an upper story of God's big picture.

1. Let the upper story give you hope.
2. Let the upper story give you confidence.
3. Let the upper story give you purpose.

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