Friday, August 28, 2009


This week I was talking with a group of people about trust. Someone pointed out that we live our lives by trust:
I trust our doctor knows how to read my test results.
I trust that when the light turns green for me it is red for cross traffic.
I trust that the chef at the restaurant washed his hands before touching my food.
I trust the bank teller with my account number.
I trust my employer to pay me on payday.
I trust my dentist knows how to use a drill.
I could go on, but you get the point.

A further example--one of blind faith was shared. A couple was going up a steep mountain road behind an 18 wheeler. A long line of cars was stuck behind the truck. At one point , the truck driver bagan waving the drivers to pass him. With a wave of his hand, in blind faith, driver after driver passed the truck.

On a daily basis I trust toatal strangers with my life. But I have trouble trusting people I know and love. I realize that it is easier to trust a stranger than a loved one because if a stranger fails us it doesn't matter. With loved ones, to trust them means to make ourselves vulnerable. To trust someone means to give them an opportunity to disapppoint us. People do fail us.

But how much more does God love us? We know that God loves us and a plan for us. But why is it so hard to trust Him? Why can't we trust him to have our best interest in mind?

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