Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DOLE Fruit Bowls

I had the chance to try to the Dole fruit bowls. My kids and I loved the convenience of a just opening up a cup and enjoying! The cups are about the size of the single serving pudding cups. Perfect for a snack. For the kids, I drained the juice (less mess) and gave them the cup. Some times I split the cup between two plates. The kids enjoyed the apples. My favorite was pineapple. These are a great way to get some fruit into your (and your kid's) diet.

DOLE Fruit Bowls Facts

Healthy snacks have never been easier to take with you! With DOLE Fruit Bowls, there are so many places and ways to enjoy a little fruit.

DOLE Fruit Bowls have been honored as the ChefsBest® Award-Winner since 2004! Enjoy every award-winning bite.

Eat a DOLE Fruit Bowl-A-Day! DOLE makes it easy to find a nutritious and delicious snack. As your kids get ready to go back to school, add DOLE Fruit Bowls to your shopping lists as everyone will love the award winning taste!

Nutrition facts -- Why are DOLE Fruit Bowls a fun and healthy snack?

o DOLE Fruit Bowls are 80 calories or fewer

o DOLE Fruit Bowls are rich in Vitamin C

o DOLE Fruit Bowls are naturally Fat Free

o DOLE Fruit Bowls are low in Sodium

DOLE “Bowl-A-Day” Contest Overview Messages

Eat a DOLE Fruit “Bowl-A-Day!” DOLE Fruit Bowls are a nutritious snack that are fun to eat and perfect for on-the-go snacking— in kids’ lunchboxes, on family road trips or whenever you feel like having a satisfying fun fruit snack. Starting on August 8th you can visit for three ways to win fantastic prizes.


Visit the MyDole Kitchen Memo Board at and enter the DOLE Bowl-A-Day Challenge by sharing your tips about the different places and ways you and your family like to eat DOLE Fruit Bowls. Be creative and have fun because it can pay off big for you and your favorite school or non-profit!

If your tip is chosen, your name and tip will be featured on the DOLE Challenge website for a whole week plus you will receive a $300 cash prize. In addition DOLE will donate 1,000 DOLE Fruit Bowls to the school or non-profit organization of your choice. Just think of all those happy people enjoying DOLE Fruit Bowls because of you!

While only one prize-winning tip will be featured each week, two other lucky winners will get $100 runner-up prizes each week to encourage you to keep sending in your tips and hints on how and where you eat your yummy DOLE Fruit Bowls.


Stop over in the Desk Area of the MyDole Kitchen and send a Fun Fruit eCard to your family and friends challenging them to participate in DOLE Bowl-A-Day.

By eating healthy, everyone wins! DOLE Fruit Bowls come in 19 different varieties! That means you could eat a bowl a day for 19 days straight without repeating a flavor! Don’t miss out on DOLE Peaches, Pineapple, Mixed Fruit, Tropical Fruit, Apples and more.

As an added bonus, if you refer the most family and friends to the Challenge, you could win the Grand Prize of $1,000 in cash for yourself AND a $1,000 donation to the school or non-profit organization of your choice!

The race to be the Grand Prize winner will be showcased on the DOLE Bowl-A-Day Scoreboard. Tell more friends and watch your name rise higher and higher in the rankings!


Want to save some money while eating your DOLE Fruit Bowls? Check out the MyDole Kitchen Refrigerator area at to get your own online DOLE Fruit Bowls coupon. Don’t forget, DOLE Fruit Bowls taste best chilled!

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