Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ex Libris Anonymous Review

I came across the coolest journels! Ex Libris Anonymous takes old hardback book and converts them into spiral bound journals. These unique journals range from $12 to $15--including shipping! The title change constantly. Currently you can find Heidi, Lassie, and one called Kendell of the Coast Guard (which I may need to get for my friend Kendell who used to be a ferry boat captain--licensed by the Coast Guard!) There are entire categories for Little Golden Books (remember The Tawny Scrawny Lion?); Cookbooks (The Crockpot Cookbook); and Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys.
These journals are a great gift. Or to keep for yourself! I was surprised to find that the journals included some pages of the original book, but I thought it was kind of neat! One of the books I received was Amelia Bedelia. This is one of my favorite books from growing up. (For the unfamiliar, Amelia did everything exactly as told: when told to draw the blinds, she pulled out a sketch book; when measuring rice, she pulled out the ruler; etc.)

Ex Libris Anonymous is one of the sponsors for my 40th Birthday Bash!

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