Monday, September 21, 2009

First Blogger's Choice Winner!

I told you all I would select some posts that made me laugh, smile, or otherwise feel good. My first winner is:

Deb K

Who posted:

Fine Chardonnay!

It's hard to believe I'm 39.
But am I aging like fine wine?

They say 39 is the new 25
Could someone please tell my thighs.

My make-up free days are a thing of the past.
I just hope my concealer lasts.

What are these grey hairs atop my head.
Tell me Miss Clairol, should I go red?

These lines on my face are beginning to furrow
Soon they'll be deep enough for a rabbit's burrow

But joking and silliness aside
This has been a wonderful ride

So 40 I'm ready, bring what you may
I've decided, I'm a fine Chardonnay!

(Credits I found: www.special-birthday-poems.comBy Lella Dal Ferro)

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