Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Shopper's Delight

Last night we went to Walgreens and did a couple of great coupon deals. They had Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color on sale for 4 for $20. (Normally $8 each). Then I had coupons for $2 off each. ($12 total). And the sale printed off a $10 register reward. I used this to buy 4 box of cereal ($1.99 each with a coupon for $1 off two.) And one box of migraine patches (not on sale or a coupon.)

We went to the other Walgreens and did the Garnier deal again. (One set for MIL.) And 3 packs of Starbucks drinks. They were on sale for $5 with a $1 coupon each ($12 total) and a 5 dollar register reward (RR). This time we didn't use the RR. To recap...

We spent $40 and we got:
8 boxes of Garnier Nutrisse ($64 value)
4 boxes of General Mills Cereal ($16 value)
3 4-packs of Starbucks ($19 value)
1 pack of migraine patches ($5.00 value)

Total value: $104 (plus we have $15 to still spend). We could have done it for $25, but decided to hang on to the RRs.

So tonight, I headed to Albertson's for the end of the double (to 50 cents); triple (to 33 cents); and quadruple (to 25 cents) coupons. Basically, ever coupon is worth a dollar.

I came home with 10 Toaster Strudels; 4 packages Kraft American cheese, 2 boxes of Townhouse Crackers; 1 bag of Pecan Sandies; 3 Revlon Mascaras; 4 Revlon nail clippers; 1 Revlon emery board pack; 4 Suave deodorants; and 13 tubes of Mentos gum. (I found all of the 64 cent sale ones on the checkout lanes.)

When I showed John and told him how much everything cost, he thought it was a bit high. I double checked and realized they had missed 7 ($1) coupons. I went back. They gave me $8.05 back. (I had extra coupons, and I brought them because I wasn't sure if I had forgotten to give them or not.)

When I was getting my refund, I realized they had more Mentos at that register. And I found out that another flavor was also on sale. I counted my remaining coupons and found I had 56 more. So grabbed them. Then I got 4 more deodorants, 4 boxes of crackers, and 2 bags of cookies. I spent $8.18 (13 cents more than I had been refunded.)

Final tally for Albertsons:

10 Toaster Strudels 50 cents each ($25 value)

6 boxes Townhouse Crackers : $1 ($27 value)

4 Kraft American Slices $1 ($18 value)

3 Revlon Mascara $1.07 ($25 value)

1 Revlon pack of emory boards 7 cents ($2 value)

4 Revlon nail clippers 7 cents ($8 value)

8 Suave deodorants 50 cents ($15 value)

3 Pecan Sandies $1 ($14 value)

Total Out of Pocket: $26.67

Sale savings: $109.63

Coupons: $63.50

Albertsons*: $13.71

Total Savings: $186.79 (87%)

* Double/Triple/Quad

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