Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bragging about my MIL

I have been blessed with incredible in-laws. My family has known them since I was very young. My father-in-law was actually my Sunday School teacher in 6th grade. Little did I know that in 3 years I would begin dating their oldest son, and in 7 years I would become part of their family.

My MIL has always been quite creative. She was an excellent seamstress when I met her. Over the years she has become proficient at cross stitching; tole painting; and beadwork. But her latest hobby has been stained glass. She took a class at the Adult Center in town and has been going nearly every Friday since.

Her first project was a daffodil.

For Christmas, she made ornament for each of the grandkids. The girls got ballerinas (like in the Christmas ballet The Nutcracker). The boys got Little Drummer Boys (as in the song). She personalized the hair on each ornament for the child.

Chewie's drummer boy (with brown hair)

Crunchy's ballerina (with blonde hair)

Munchie's drummer boy (with blonde hair)

But her current piece is my favorite. Chewie is quite an artist. A while back he made a picture of a bird soaring over a mountain.

Mamaw is making it in stain glass. It isn't finished yet, but it is already beautiful. I can't wait to see it with the sun shining through.

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