Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rattlesnakes, oh my!

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As promised, I have pictures from the Rattlesnake Museum. We got two free tickets when we bought 2 free tickets by using Tropicana Juicy Rewards.

First, we were greeted by signs such as:
Countless numbers of people have visited the Rattlesnake Museum and gone on to live normal lives.
We love tourists at the Rattlesnake Museum (they taste just like chicken)
Then we paid $11. (One adult and one child were free).

As promised, we saw snakes. This one was striking the glass, but I couldn't time the picture right.
There were 3 (count 'em! 3) rattlesnakes in this cage.
But the Rattlesnake Museum is not just devoted to more Rattlesnakes (more live varieties than several large zoos combined, according to their website). They also feature other creatures that strike fear in a (wo)man's heart. Such as tarantulas (bel0w) and scorpions.
Alas, there were a few creatures that didn't cause goosebumps and hair raising, such as the turtles and Gila (hee-la) Monsters.
There was also a collection of various items with snake or reptile themes including: a rattlesnake slot machine and a statue of "Blind Justice" stepping on a snake. And a collection of beverages (mostly beers) with names like "Gator"; "Cobra"; and "SnakeBite".
But I found my peaceful spot in the midst of the scary stuff. A Precious Moments figurine with a boy and girl and a turtle. Awww....serenity!
Overall, we enjoyed the visit. Munchie got a little creeped out a times and wanted to leave. Chewie had a blast! But he is into all that science stuff! If you are ever in Old Town Albuquerque, it is worth a visit to the Rattlesnake Museum.

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