Saturday, January 01, 2005

About me

Who am I?
I'm a mom of 3 wonderful kids (11, 5 and 3). I have two boys and a girl. One of them was adopted at birth. I've been married to my best friend for 22 years (on Valentine's Day). We are actively involved in our church where I'm involved in Women's Ministries and Marriage Mentoring. We are California natives who went to college at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. After returning to California, we moved to Roswell, New Mexico in October 2003. We share a home with my in-laws. I have great in-laws, and the kids love to spend with Mamaw and Papaw. I work full time outside of the home as a developmental specialist. (I work with kids from birth to three who have developmental delays or who are at risk for delays (like preemies).

Why Mom 2 Ways?
If you didn't catch it in the paragraph above. I'm a mom two different ways: by birth and by adoption. When I adopted my oldest son, I created an e-mail address was "His"ma. Once I gave birth to my daughter, I knew I needed a name that included both of them. I decided on Mom2Ways. I didn't want to have to change it if we had another child (which we did!)

What is this blog about?
I blog because I like to talk, I like to meet new people, and I'm addicted to the Web. So blogging is a perfect fit! I blog about my family, my faith, books, stuff I like, funny stories, and turning 40. And anything else that strikes my fancy. I like to share pictures, Memes, and giveaways too. I've been on-line since the fall of 1995 when I discovered infertility message boards on AOL. From that grew an international support group for women facing infertility. It was called Ladies in Waiting. In 2005, we merged with Hannah's Prayer. I remained on the board of directors for a couple of years, and, while I still hold the title "Director Emeritus", I'm not longer active on the boards.

What about your husband?
My husband has launched a new ministry called Mac4Missions where he seeks to pair used (but still functioning) Macs (Apple Computers) with missionaries (foreign and domestic) as well as other non-profit organizations. John is a full time stay at home Daddy, who occasionally moonlights as a computer technician.

What's with the kids' names?
I recently decided to use pseudonyms for my kiddos. It was easy to pick. I've called the baby, "Munchie" (short for munchkin) since he was tiny. One day, my daughter decided to be "Crunchy", and big brother chose "Chewie" (short for Chewbaca of Star Wars).


Tim said...

Just thought I would let you know that over like the last few days I have tried to drop on your site and the ad was there but the drop part wasnt. You might ask others if they cant see it either. I have seen this on a few blogs now and they had to reload the widget.

Love and Prayers,

Tim @ Fort Thompson

Tim said...

Hey Julie,

Just wanted you to know that I tried dropping here again today, but no widget.

Love and Prayers,


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Julie Donahue said...

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Joel said...

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