Saturday, February 25, 2006

I tried to be Super Mom!

but it was kind of disastrous! Yesterday (Friday) my in-laws left for California for a couple of months (or more). My MIL is hoping to have knee replacement surgery while out there. The three day (local) conference I attended ran long on Friday. I got home about 5 PM---just enough time for John to move the carseats over to my in-laws' van (that I get to drive while they are gone) before heading to the church to meet the guys for the men's retreat. heard that right. I'm "alone" with all three of my beautiful blessing for the entire weekend!

It's the "lean and mean" week before payday. (One of the conference speakers used this term to describe the time before payday when things are "lean" and you get "mean" because you're broke!) But I had about $30 in Wal-Mart gift cards and about $30 in cash. I decided to treat my kids to have fun night.

Our weekend (so far) has gone something like this....

5:30 PM....we say goodbyes to Daddy and head to Wal-Mart for treats.
5:45 PM...Chewie starts looking but can't get the idea of "about $5". I even agree to $10, but he keeps looking at $20+
6:15 PM...I insist we leave the toy area. He finally finds something.
7:00 PM...we finally make it to CiCi's Pizza Buffet.
7:10 PM...Munchie manages to spill Chewie's Dr. Pepper all over the table (and himself) while I'm trying to fill salad plates.
8:00 PM...Chewie never got the Pepperoni pizza he asked for. I check on it. The manager comes over to apologize and says in 5 minutes, we'll get a whole pizza boxed to go. (Hey! Something's looking up!)
8:15 PM...Stop for Caliche's (frozen custard) to go. Chewie got a free coupon in October for making his AR (Accellerated reader) goal. Crunchy cries all the way home for her "butterfly sprinkles".
8:30 PM...Just was we round the corner before the house, we see the first flash of lightening. (Chewie doesn't like lightening!)
9:00 PM...Jammies on, we head to bed. Chewie decided to watch TV in his room.
9:05 PM...Thunder crash
9:06 PM.. Chewie decides to sleep with me!

Mostly uneventful overnight.

7:30 AM...Both babies are much for sleeping in....
9:30 AM...I notice a spot on Chewie's stomach and realize I haven't checked out his rash since Thursday when the doctor said it wasn't scarlet fever. I find 6 pimples on his back, a few on his stomach and 4 on his legs. Just what I was looking forward visit alone---with all three kids.
10:30 AM...clean bill of health from the doctor. Definitely not chicken pox, he probably rolled around in the grass. Great, but....where are my keys?!?!? Can't find them anywhere.
10:45 the car club....fortunately DH signed up for AAA Roadside---3 weeks ago!!! Yeah John!!
11;35 AM.. After entertaining the kids for an hour (and keeping them out of a busy street) we are good to go. The keys are on the console.
Noon...The kids were great....we deserve a trip to McDonald's to play. Unfortunately, there were two birthday parties (one right after the other cleared out) and there isn't a separate party room. And big kids (10 year olds?) kept picking on my 2 1/2 year old. One even PUSHED her out of the way! i decided it was time to go.

So far, the evening's gone better. But I've hung up my tights. Supermom I'm not.....and I have a trashed house to prove it!

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OK, so I'm a bit slow reading this, but {{{hugs}}}!!!