Monday, September 03, 2007

Lazy Day

Here it almost noon, and I'm still in my jammies. What a lazy day! Good thing today is a holiday!

But, I think I deserve a rest today. This weekend I got a lot accomplished. The last (of many!) loads of clothes is in the dryer. (And there are only two baskets of clothes to put away! The rest I finished yesterday!) I went to Farmer's Market early Saturday morning. And I filled an entire shelf of the freezer with produce.

Last time I told you you wouldn't often hear me talk about gardening. Cooking is another topic you won't usually find with my name attached to it. I've been married 20 years and I still don't cook. I married a many who likes to cook. I can follow a recipe, and I wouldn't starve to death if I was alone. But I don't create. I don't know what goes with what, or what can be omitted or substuted. (One time I made chili, but didn't have any cumin But, I do know how to find recipes on the internet.

{{{{We interrupt this blog for a Mommy alert! Clean up in the sitting room. Clean up in the sitting room! Urgent!}}}

Now...back to our regularly scheduled blog....

So, this weekend, I filled a shelf in the freezer with:
* 18 cups (2 cup portions) of shredded zucchini
* Gallon bag of breaded zucchinin strips
* 8 cups of sliced and blanched* yellow squash
* 6 cups of blanched squash sticks
* Gallon bag of sliced, breaded okra (yucky!)

In addition to the freezer stuff, I....
* Peeled and chopped 4 cantalope
* Peeled and sliced 6 cucumbers.
* Cooked and stored 4 yellow squash for immediate use.

I'm working to put more vegetables in my diet. I figured if they are sitting on the counter whole, they aren't going to do any good, and I'll just have to haul them out to the trash when they start smelly funny. Hopefully, having easy access to the veggies will cut down on the excuse.

Okay....lazy day is over. I've got work to do!

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Lindy said...

Hey Jo,

I too am trying to add veggies.

I like to shred carrots and include in Tuna salad & chicken salad. It is easy to add and very little effort to eat.