Thursday, September 06, 2007

When expectation and reality clash....

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? When it finally happened, where you satisfied....or did it leave you wanting?

My 9 year old son had surgery on his foot last month. (He was born with a club foot and had a series of casts as an infant. We recently noticed some turning, and he had surgery on July 23rd.)

After 6 weeks (and 2 days) of absolutely NO walking on the foot, yesterday was the big day. WALKING DAY! When I met Daddy and Chewie at the doctor's office, I was greeted with, "This is the best day of my life since I got Star Wars Lego 2 (for the Game Cube)".

Dr. B. checked him out and everything looked good. He can start walking (with the boot on for one week) now. Chewie handed me his walker and asked me to "throw it away!"

Then the moment of truth...

Chewie took a step and fell. He expected some pain, but it was worse than he imagined. Now he is afraid to take anther step. His confidence is crushed. He knows it won't get better until he uses it. He knows it hurts because it hasn't been used in 6 weeks. (Not to mention the trauma tendons of being cut and moved around.) But knowing doesn't make it any easier to step out. To take a step of faith.

You can see where I'm going....In life, sometimes I get hurt. Sometimes it is intentionally inflicted, other times a thoughtless comment. But nevertheless, I am recovering. It's painful to take that first step....and the second....and so on. But I know if I don't start working the injured area, it will never get better. I have to take a step of faith and trust that God will not let me fall. (Or at least I won't fall too hard.) Wounds run deep, and healing takes time. But it will come.

Chewie's doctor predicted that next time he seems us (5 weeks) Chewie will come running in. I hope so.

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