Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Mystery is History!

I figured out what was wrong with me 2 weeks ago!

Today, my kids were diagnosed with "Fifth Disease" (so named because it was the 5th rash disease to be named.) It starts with about a week of flu like symptoms--often unnoticed until looking back. Once the rash (a lacy or net like rash) and the appearance of "slapped face" arrives....it is no longer contagious. The incubation period is 4-21 days.

Munchie started the weekend with a rash all over his arms and legs. By Saturday night, he had the red cheeks. His torso was clear. I kept him home from church just in case it was dangerous. Sunday night, Crunchy was red cheeked. This morning, she had a rash on her arms and legs.

I called the doctor, and while I waited for the appointment time, I learned that another therapist at work has a 3 year old who was diagnosed with 5th disease today. We see some of the same kids. And, our sons are in the same 4th grade class. Our doctor confirmed 5th disease, but told us they are no longer contagious.

On the way home, I called our church's children's pastor. Just in case someone asked if there was anything going around. He asked if there was any information about adults. There is a risk for pregnant women. Then John read the paper from the doctor.... in adults, it often settles in joints--especially the knees. Does that sound like anybody we know?!?!?!

After I realized this, I also remember that last week, I had bright red cheeks for a couple of days. I just through it was because I wasn't feeling well. I go back to my doctor on Wednesday, but I think I already know what she's going to say.

Mystery solved.

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