Thursday, January 31, 2008

I have been having a blast this week!

When I first heard about the Bloggy Giveaway, I was intrigued. About 300 bloggers had joined forces to post giveaways that reflected them. Most of the bloggers on the loop seem to be Christian, stay at home moms. The prizes ranged from home made goodies (food, purses, and aprons) to books, to gift cards (there must be a few hundred $$ in Starbucks alone!) to cash (via paypal) to services (custom blogger heading or makeover). The list goes on.... I have no idea how many sites I've visited, but I've bookmarked at least a couple dozen that I want to visit soon. I didn't participate with a giveaway this time, but next time, I want to do it.


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Killlashandra said...

Hi Julie,

You just won my bloggy giveaway this time around. If you could swing by my site and leave a comment then e-mail me your address that would be great. Thanks so much for playing. :)

killlashandra at hotmail com