Sunday, January 06, 2008

Silver "Anniversary"

Last night, John and I went out to dinner. My in-laws had given us a gift card to Red Lobster (including babysitting!) and I had earned another $20 in Red Lobster cards are*, When we sat down, they gave us a fresh fish menu. I hadn't realized the date. I asked John, "Do you realize what today is?" (He didn't!) Our silver "anniversary". 25 years ago, yesterday, John asked me to "go with" him. I wasn't sure where we were "going", but I said yes. :)

Honestly, I figured it was the beginning of the dating roller coaster. I figured my heart would be broken soon. I mean, nobody ever marries their first boyfriend. Do they? Four years later, we got married on Valentine's Day, and next month will be our 21st wedding anniversary.

I guess fairy tales do sometimes come true!

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