Monday, February 25, 2008

Caught in the cross fire?

This morning, I went to meet one of my client's grandma at her job--a local elementary school. I was right on time: 9:15 am. I walked in and the halls were completely empty. I mean---not a soul in sight. I've spent lots of time in many different schools (I taught full time for 5 years and was a substitute teacher for another 8!) I have never seen a school completely empty during school hours. I tried the office door, and it was locked. That was weird. The office is always open! I proceeded down the hall to the office I needed. No sign of her---or anyone else. I headed back to the office. Down the other hall, I saw the principal. He called out, "We're in lockdown". I just stood there, so he said it again. I asked, "What do I do?" He called out, "Leave the campus and come back in 15 minutes.". Okay.

I'm glad it was a drill and not a real emergency. I would have been right in the middle of the crossfire if there had been a gunman! I could have walked into a trap---totally unaware of what was waiting for me. And, imagine if I had gone to take Chewie his lunch or something at his school. I might have panicked if I had walked in and found NOBODY at his school!

Often, we walk into unknown situations. There is no telling what might be waiting. We know that Satan is running around like a lion---seeking whom he may devour. Sometimes, we know the danger is there, and we walk in anyway. We need to keep our eyes open and be alert.


Killlashandra said...

Maybe it was lockdown week or something. You know, we just had a lockdown drill here where I work too at the university. What was amazing for us was that people didn't take it seriously. The students didn't want to stay in the classrooms and wondered the halls ignoring all the attempts to continue the drill.

Although, a sign up at the office would have been helpful I think.

Table for Five said...

Good heavens, that is scary! Shouldn't they have had the front door locked? I'm glad it was just a drill.