Friday, March 14, 2008

My biggest win!

I've been entering on-line sweepstakes for about a year or so. I've won a lot of small prizes (DVDs, books, CDS, lipstick). Before yesterday, my biggest prize was a $100 gift certificate to Champion Sports. Hubby got some new shoes!! :) Yesterday, I found out that I won a new car seat (that we will still be able to use when Munchie is in a booster. It's a $200 car seat. We've only bought the less than $100 car seats so far. I also won with it a 1st Aid Kit, a 19 pack of take n toss dishes (we love those!), and some toys. Total value is about $250. Not too bad!

My list of what I'd love to win:
* Cash (of course! any amount!)
* Trip to anywhere (anything Disney, a cruise or Las Vegas are my top choices)
* Car

But I'm having fun!

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