Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Want to know a secret?!?!? Shhhh......

I'm flying to California for a weekend in April! Yippeeeeee!!!

Last May I flew for the first time (at age 37) and I LOVED it. Next month, my Momma is turning 70. My 2 sisters and 2 (of 4) brothers and a few other relations are going to be there for Mom's birthday. This afternoon (while walking) I had a sudden thought. Was there any way I could crash the party? I checked plane tickets (about $200). I mentioned it to Hubby. My sister offered to charge the ticket (for miles) and I can pay her when I get there. (I'll fly out right after payday--bonus payday!) We debated whether I should go alone, with just hubby and I, just Crunchy (who is very close to "Mommy Mamaw"), or take everybody. In the end, Hubby decided that we could definitely swing it for me to go. But it would be better if we didn't spend the money on all of us right now. It's going to be a short trip--almost exactly 48 hours. But it's going to be great!

I'll be sharing a hotel room with my oldest niece and her baby girl who I have not had the chance to meet yet. (I'm so excited to see them!) We are going to have a spa day on Saturday morning, and dinner on Saturday night.

Wooooo hoooooo!!


Midas said...

Wow, that sounds like something to look forward to!

Thanks for visiting Just Say These Words. Please come again.

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Kim said...

Thanks for coming to my party.

You will be in my neck of the woods in April. The weather is usually great anywhere in the state about that time.