Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rough day, so far....

My day actually started pretty well. I got out of the house while everyone was still asleep for my first training session. (I'll blog about that later.)

But I came home to chaos. DH has a migraine. The kids have trashed the house. The pile of laundry is growing. (Most of it is already clean now, but it still needs to find a home.) The kids are fighting. Oh....and I got a project in the mail that has to be completed and returned in one week. Of course, it necessitates a trip to Wal-Mart. I'm snapping at the kids. (Who are not doing what I asked them to do---like get shoes on.)

I really need to spend some time on my anger verses. I have barked a bit, but I don't want to erupt on my precious (and precocious) gifts.

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JENN said...

Before Christmas I decided to work on my anger as well. So, I started each morning by self talking. That helped a lot and my family noticed. I will add the verse you provided to my self talk. Thank you!