Sunday, August 03, 2008

Entertaining Kids at dinner

I found a new trick for keeping kids entertained at a restaurant.

As I mentioned in my last post, we visited a new Chinese restaurant. The kids haven't done very well the last couple of time we've been out to dinner. And they haven't been very good at trying new things. We didn't have that problem today. I served each of them a small portion of each item: rice, pork lo mein, and broccoli beef.

So, what was the magic trick? Chopsticks!

When Chewie went to get napkins, he found chopsticks. After being chided for only bringing one pair, Chewie got one for each of us. Daddy and I were hungry, so we used a fork! The entire time we were eating, the kids were playing nice and trying to pick up their food with chopsticks. They didn't eat much, but we weren't expecting them to since it was a new food. (And we were kind of glad because the portion was so small!)

I'm going to start keeping chopsticks in my purse!

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Jenni Saake said...

Congratulations on winning 3 bloggy give-aways! (I entered a ton and haven't won any. LOL)
My prize winners are posted tonight at :)

Love the chopsticks! :D