Sunday, August 03, 2008

My fortune cookie lied...

We visited a new Chinese restaurant after church today. The food was good, but the portions weren't great. (We took the kids to Sam's for samples to finish lunch!) My fortune in my fortune cookie said, "You will be very lucky today". Cool. I told my hubby that the timing was perfect. Powerball (lottery) was 93 million, and I had two ticket in the other car. Sounds like they must be a winner! But alas....not even a $3 winner. My fortune cookie lied. I guess it's a good thing I put my trust in God, and not in fortunes or horoscopes!

1 comment:

Killlashandra said...

You know, you should add "in bed" after every fortune. Makes the whole fortune telling thing far more entertaining.

Although winning the powerball certainly would have been awesome!