Sunday, August 24, 2008

Turning 40

One day when I was walking this week, I started thinking of all the things I've been wanting to do, but haven't. I started listing things I want to do/complete/learn before my 40th birthday. I still have a year. (Actually, according to my ticker, I have 409 days!) Some are things that are already in progress. Some are things I need to get moving on NOW. I broke my weight loss goals into chunks, because I want to be able to check them off as a go.

While I was walking, I pondered names for my countdown blog. Then a light bulb: 40 by 40!! It was perfect. I rushed back to my desk to set up my blog, and I realized it was so perfect that everyone else had done it already! There was already a 40by40, a 40x40, a 40before40, and a few others. My "original" idea, wasn't so original. But, I wasn't to be stopped. Instead, I chose:
40countdown for my blog.

It is still a work in progress, but I have my list posted. Last month, I won a blog redesign, so I decided to use it for my new blog. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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Killlashandra said...

You better get the passport info in soon. It might take over year just to get it back from the government!