Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Have you enjoyed the silence for the past two weeks? Oh...you didn't notice that I hadn't posted in a while? Thanks! :) Just reminds me that I'm talking to myself. :) My computer is officially dead. It has been dark for several months. But John was not able to revive it. (Before it died, it had to be resuscitated several times. (I would be in the middle of a project, and, without notice, the computer would restart.)

John started to set up his old laptop (with a dead battery, so it has to be plugged in) for me to use, but in the end decided that maybe we could just share a computer until next tax season. But, he needed some more storage space. So this past week he's been transfering files from drive to drive. So I've had very little time to use the computer.

But now the computer is up. And, I have a "smart" phone. I'm not sure if I like having a phone with that much ego, but we'll see. Earlier, I typed up a blog entry. I don't know how to get it from the "smart" phone to the blog, but when I figure it out, my blog may just take off! I might blog several times a day. (Can you feel the excitement building?!?!?)

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Aunt LoLo said...

Can your smart phone send e-mail?? Go to your blog, then "Customize" then the "Settings" tab. Go to "e-mail" and then look at the "mail to blogger address"

You should be able to paste your document into your phone's e-mail thingy-ma-jiggy and then send it to your blog. Done! Maybe no pretty pictures, but...it's quick and dirty and gets the job done.