Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guess what I did tonight?

With still 5 weeks to go until Christmas....I wrapped 21 Christmas presents! No, I'm not an early bird or a planner. It was a matter of necessity! We have been collecting stuff for the kids for several months. We've picked up a few things on clearance (durable Kid cameras and sleeping bag/backpack combos for the little ones); but most of them were things I won. I've had a good year with sweepstakes this year. No really big prizes. (My biggest prize was a $250 pack with a car seat and other stuff.) But I've won over $2000 worth this year! Mostly books and DVDS. (You can see my prize list for this year at: 2008 Wins) Honestly, if it wasn't for these prizes, our Christmas would be slim. I even won something for my mother-in-law: (Click the picture to see it larger).

This is from City Art Photography It's it gorgeous?!?! She takes pictures from all sorts of places and makes words. Each letter is in an acrylic frame and mounted on a board. Mindy asked for color selections and a little bit about my family. I told her I would like red, white and blue since we love America and Crunchy was born on the 4th of July. She sent 3 samples. I selected one. The train wheel was perfect. (Munchie LOVES trains!) Later that day, she sent another choice. The only change was the A. She found one from the NASA sign. PERFECT! Cameron loves space and science. John loves to start conversations with, "When I worked at NASA...." after doing a 6 week contract at the NASA installation in the San Jose area. :) I started talking with Mindy on Thursday, and I received the package on Monday or Tuesday! WOW! And it was securely wrapped. The project was wrapped in bubble wrap. Then wrapped in brown paper (with a beautiful rafia bow!) This was all surrounded by styrofoam peanuts.

I debated on whether or not to keep the picture myself. But I decided to give it to my MIL. I will still be able to enjoy it! :)

Now I'm off to bed.

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