Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was published!

Last week I found this cool site: HARO (Help A Reporter Out) Peter Shankman is "An entrepreneur, author, speaker, and ingenious worldwide connector, Peter is recognized nationally and globally for radically new ways of thinking about social media, PR, marketing, advertising, creativity, and just about everything else, as well." who puts out a list 3 times a day (during the week with queries for "experts". His tag line is "everyone's an expert at something." This week, I've answered calls for "Worst Thanksgiving Story" (see below); happy marriage advice; and my preference to "holiday" or "Christmas" greeting. What Peter does is connect writers (books, magazines, blogs, etc) with "sources". If you can answer the question, you contact the person directly (or through a provided link). Sometimes they are looking for people in specific areas of the country. Some requests are for live TV or radio interviews. Some want specific experts (doctors, brokers, etc.) Some what "real" people who have experienced something.

So today, I was notified that my story was published at Capessa. Not only was I published, but I got a full by-line! :)

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Rhea said...

I love love love it! Kuddos 2 U and all that you do. U R a mother yes, but a women always.

Keep up the wonderful work and I'll celebrate with a cocktail or 2... lol