Friday, November 21, 2008

Spelling and Google

I love Google. One thing I love about Google is if I don't know how to spell I word (especially if I am looking for some sort of medical term!), Google will help me. If I type "neumonia", Google will ask "Do you mean pneumonia?" Yep. That is what I meant! :)

But last night I found a new use for Google and spelling. Chewie forgot to bring home his spelling list. I tried calling a couple of friends, but nobody had the list. I had helped Cameron with his homework earlier in the week. Together, we wrote down the words we could remember. But we could only come up with 8 of the 20. So I turned to Google. I typed "spelling list" and value, rapid, wedding. And BINGO! I found a website with all of the spelling words for the entire year! (Yes, I bookmarked it!)

Chewie was impressed! Mamaw, guess what Mom found on the internet!?!?

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