Monday, November 24, 2008

Raining Macs!

My hubby is a big Mac fan. No, I don't mean the burger at McDonalds. He loves Macintosh computers. (aka "Apple" computers). For quite some time, he's had a dream of creating a non-profit organization called "Macs for Missions". Because Macs are so easy to work with, last forever, and rarely need service, they are ideal for sending to missionaries. This started a few years ago when a former teaching colleague retired and went to Fiji as a missionary. He taught at a regional Bible college. Shortly after Dennis left, we moved to New Mexico, so we weren't able to do much more for him. But the vision has remained. That vision got a shot in the arm this weekend. Our school district, like many districts, dumped their Macs for PCs. On Saturday, they had an auction for "surplus" stuff. John ended up with about 100 iMacs (including one in "Flower Power").

He also got about 30 newer eMacs:

and 2 G4 towers:

and 5 or 6 overhead projectors (one of which he already gave to a friend who has just begun a church plant!) and 5 laser disc players (one of which is already set up in Chewie's room!)

After wheeling and dealing*....the grand total spent....

* Actually bids: $20
Bought from other bidder: $25
Total spent: $45

Sold to other bidder: $20

Total out of pocket: $25

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