Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chance meeting?

Tonight, after delivering some of our (almost) world famous caramel corn to some friends we had about 45 minute before Christmas Eve service. So we headed to Sam's Club to make a return. Church started at 6--the same time Sam's closed tonight. While John made the return, I took the kid and headed to the snack bar for dinner. (Hey! The pizza's good and it's a cheap meal! We ate for less than $10. Last night we spent $20 at Sonic--with no drinks!) While waiting in line, I chatted with the family behind us. Their daughter was wearing a shirt like one Crunchy has. It turns out their daughter is 6 (Crunchy is 5.) and their son just turned 3. (Munchie is 3.) We invited them to sit with us. The kids got along great. When Crunchy started singing "We wish you a merry Christmas", her new friend joined in. Munchie and his friend sat quietly together and checked out the situation.

About 5:45, I asked if we could get their number to try to arrange a play date. As I was asking, Mom was pulling out her cell phone to enter my number! We talked about work. She works for CYFD (children's services) in Early childhood services. I work in early intervention (with kids from birth to 3.) Dad is the senior network technician at a local bank (read: tech guru). My hubby is a contract network technician.

They will be out of town until after New Year's. (They were heading to Grandma's for Christmas.) But we are going to get together after the New Year. Wow! So often we meet someone with kids the right age for one or two of our kids, but to find a pair that almost exactly the same ages (and gender!) is great. They do have an 11 year old (like Chewie) and a 9 year old---but they are both girls.

I'm looking forward to getting to know them. It feels like a great Christmas present!

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Jean said...

I love your blog,hope your christmas was good.
I have given you a gift but you have to go to my blog to see what it is.